Sunday, December 1, 2013

FET #1

FET#1 (Nov-Dec 2014)

Nov. 18- begin taking estrace (2mg) by mouth 3x/day

Nov. 26- sore throat; go to walk-in clinic and given Clindamycin

Nov. 30-go in for u/s and b/w...lining is only 6.2 begin taking estrace 3x/day vaginally also

Dec. 4- go in for another u/s, everything looks good, lining is nice and thick (around 10)
  • start PIO injections pm
Dec. 5- wake up with rash in the am
  • head to PCP, believes it is antibiotic rash (happened before with penicillin)
  • start 7 day treatment of prednisone
  • speak w/ RE; okay to start prednisone and continue PIO
Dec. 6-rash already improving (caught it early)

Dec. 9- Transfer Day (doctor commented everything went "perfect")

Dec. 19- Bloodwork confirms negative (tested a few days before)

And so begins IVF#2...