Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Story

2001 P asked me to the Senior Prom and we began dating

2007 Got engaged (isn't the best story, so I will refrain from sharing haha)

2008 We bought our townhouse that we still currently live in 

2009 In June we got married and then honeymooned in Hawaii (best place ever!)


12/10 We decide after months of discussion, money talk, and everything else to throw away BCP (and in my gut I have a feeling it is not going to happen right away for us, but for the time being I push those feelings to the side)  Turns out I was right...


January & February: normal cycles, BD for 14 days before, around, and after ovulation (every other day)

March: 40 day cycle (begin taking BBT every morning)

April: 42 day cycle (try OPKs...don't work, show me with + on cd 19 and no BBT increase until cd 29!)

May: 30 day cycle...(schedule appt. w/OBGYN and have bloodwork, everything looks good except elevated prolactin levels, also order ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor)

June: 34 day cycle (recheck prolactin, still slightly elevated, OBGYN reminds me we have only been trying 7 months, give it a little more time)
July: 37 day cycle
August/Sept: 35 day cycle (revist OBGYN and handed script for Clomid 50 mg.)
October: Cycle #1 on Clomid 32 day cycle, cd 21 b/w, definitely ovulated
November: Cycle #2 on Clomid 29 day cycle!! cd 21 b/w "super ovulated" probably released multiple eggs
P goes in for SA and there is trouble...we have been referred to RE and Urologist and discontinue Clomid

December: so sad to be off Clomid, and have a 56 DAY CYCLE (are you kidding me??)
HSG Test (Anticipation was a nightmare, wasn't too pleasant a test either!) but it is declared I have a "picture perfect uterus" go figure...


January: appt. #1 w/ RE who is worried about prolactin, orderes Brain MRI and prescribes Bromocriptine which I am to start taking immediately

February: appt. #2 w/ RE...brain MRI came back inconclusive (no brain tumor was large enough to be picked up) determined we would give it 1 more cycle on our own before moving forward with IUI #1

March: BFN

April: IUI #1 BFN

May: sick most of this cycle, only lasted 25 days, and got another negative

May/June: will be our last natural cycle before IVF

June 23rd: period arrived unfortunately

July/August: IVF #1


  1. Thanks for posting the timeline, Lindsay. Writing it had to be quite a trip down memory lane. I'm hopeful for this upcoming cycle for you. May there be good news soon!

  2. Whew that's a lot for a short period of time! I can't imagine having long cycles like that...But I guess my too short cycles weren't any better, haha. So excited for your IUI!

  3. I can so relate on the long cycles! I know for me when I put my timeline out there it was scary how much has happened in the past year and how it has dramatically changed the plans Matt and I had made for ourselves. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Thanks for the timeline! It is nice to get the whole story in a short version! Best of luck with IUI!

  5. Hey - I am just looking at your timeline and wanted to ask....did they do ultrasounds with your IUIs? Or just bloodwork? Because estrogen does not necessarily mean a mature follicle.....could have been a whole bunch of immature follicles and zero chance at a baby. Or could have meant high order multiples!(I know a girl who got pregnant with quintuplets from IUI and E2 of 2500 or so.
    Not to question your RE (I am sure they have their protocols/reasons etc and know what they are doing - or maybe I am missing part of the story!), but if that were the case it would sound like your IUIs were not necessarily giving you the best chance they could - which is expensive for nothing!

    1. Yeah I had ultrasounds, it revealed 3-4 mature follicles with a 5th one that may have caught up. Unfortunaately the timing couldn't have been better and it still didn't work!

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  7. Hi there. I came across your blog late in the game, just a few months ago. I know that you are probably busy being a mommy now but I had to tell you how wonderful it has been and what peace it has given me to read about your experiences, trials and honest thoughts about the IF struggle. I have different issues than you but I can relate so much and at times felt like I was writing myself sometimes. I have had such a hard past month and this has made me feel not so alone. I am happy for my friends that have had their first and now second babies but I too can't help but ask when is my turn? Why is this happening to me. The scariest time in my life ever has been when I realized that I might not have children. All my life I have now that my best work in the world would be as a parent. It is hard to have that feeling of being scared out of your mind with worry not take over. Currently I am in the 2 week wait after our 2nd IUI so the waiting is a little maddening but it has helped to know that I am not alone in my feelings. Congrats to you and your husband and I wish you lots of joy and good luck in trying for baby #2 if you so desire.