Sunday, April 1, 2012

IUI # 1

March 23- medications arrived

  • Gonal f pen (900 IUI)
  • Ovidrel trigger shot
  • Crinone (progesterone suppositories)

March 31- period arrives

April 2- begin Gonal f 75 iu

April 3- Gonal f 75 iu

April 4- Gonal f 75 iu

April 5- Gonal f 75 iu

April 6- Gonal f 75 iu

April 7-first u/s and b/w appt.

  • u/s reveals three large follicles but lots of smaller ones
  • receive phone call about estradiol, way too high at 1,357
  • Lower dose to 37.5 iu of Gonal f and back tomorrow (starting to panic)
April 8- Easter
  • u/s and b/w appt.
  • ultrasound tech assumed I was doing an IVF cycle because of all the little follicles
  • estradiol came back at 2,300 (holy crap)
  • RE on call sends my b/w out again and finds I am already surging so it cannot be converted to an IVF cycle
  • made the choice to go forward with IUI even thou risk of multiples was high
  • instructed to give trigger shot immediately 

April 9- IUI # 1 @ 9:30 am

  • so nervous, nauseous from trigger, and didn't sleep at all the night before
  • took 3 people to get the catheter in and I left feeling terrible, what a nightmare!
  • at time if procedure it was believed I had 3, maybe 4 mature follicles, was questioning if cycle should be cancelled, but decided to go for it anyway 
April 10- began crinone suppositories

April 23- Beta 
  • came back at 0...NOT PREGNANT
  • recommended we go straight to IVF 
  • stop suppositories 

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