Friday, February 27, 2015

In the trenches...

I cannot believe it, but we are here again.

I started Gonal-f on Sunday night, February 22.  I had been on BCP and Lupron for the last few weeks.

I started out on a low dose because my doctor is super concerned about me overstimulating.  I will be 32 next week, and my doctor believes my ovaries think I am still only 22.  Last IVF, which was almost 3 years ago, my e2 shot up quickly and we wanted to avoid that.

So, I started out on 75 units of Gonal-f and went in for b/w on Wednesday morning.  My e2 came back at 259 which he thought was too high too quick.  I lowered my dose to 50 Wednesday night and Thursday night, then went in for an ultrasound and more b/w this morning.  Shockingly, my e2 had DROPPED to 220.  Que panic.  I got a call from the nurse saying we were going to up my dose because my ovaries had basically stalled and we needed to wake them up.  My new dose was supposed to be 100 units tonight and tomorrow night then in for more b/w on Sunday morning.

After my initial panic I decided I should text my doctor.  I do not usually do this, but he gave me his number and I was really upset so I figured why not.  He called me back within minutes, seconds really.  He reassured me that it wasn't going to effect egg quality, because there were no eggs yet.  He compared it to my ovaries going 90 mph and then all of a sudden stalling out.  We also talked about our concerns over going to 100 units of Gonal f and he appreciated my concern and agreed we should try 75 for the next two nights and see where we are at Sunday morning, calling 100 units more aggressive and 75 the "safer" route.  I have a full time job and an almost 2 year old at home, I am all about the "safer" route right now.  He also asked if I was in it for the long haul because it might take a few more days then initially expected to make it to retrieval.  So, who knows when the retrieval will be.  I just want there to be one.

And, that is where we are.  Sunday morning will be crucial to how this cycle plays out.  I just hope my body responds to the increase without going too crazy.