Tuesday, March 3, 2015


That was what my e2 came back at.  My doctor who I am beginning to realize is even more conservative then me totally freaked and has cut my dose more then in half to 50 units, from the 112.5 units I took the past 2 nights.  Apparently that little push was just what my ovaries needed.  But, he is concerned it was too much too quick.  He also prescribed me cabergoline which I need to start the night of my trigger, the hope is it will work to lessen OHSS.  I was on a similar medication last time, so I really wasn't surprised.  

My ultrasound this morning was extremely uncomfortable.  The typical ovary measures 30x15 mm.  My left ovary was measuring 51x38 mm and when the ultrasound tech says wow as soon as it appears on the screen you know there is a lot going on.

In order for a follicle to be considered measurable it needs to be a 12mm.  I had 3 measurable ones in my left ovary and 1 measurable one in my right ovary.  But, TONS in the 9-11 range.  At my office, the nurse reads me the measurements and I record them for the doctor.  She said that I should expect to be writing a lot come next ultrasound.

My guess is I will trigger Friday night.  I am thinking when I go in Thursday there is going to be an insane amount of activity in my ovaries and my e2 is going to come back very high.  They may try to push me one more night, have me back Friday morning and then call with instructions to trigger Friday night.  I could be off by one day, but my gut is telling me this is how it will go down.

I am so bloated and my stomach is sore, but I am a little excited.  The end is so close...I am almost there.  I can do this.  


  1. So close!! you can do it!!

  2. Could you ask about a Lupron trigger rather than HCG? Every cycle looked like this for me and we finally figured out Lupron (with a small hcg booster) is what didn't hyperstimulate me. Good luck! Those final days are SO uncomfortable.